The Macomb County Coup Attempt

The Macomb County Convention AKA The Latest Communist Coup D'Etat Attempt

On April 11, the Macomb County GOP held their county convention to elevate delegates to the state nominating convention, without fail, things would take an unexpected turn during the meeting. 

The reason for the county convention is to elevate delegates for the state convention, where endorsements of Attourney General, Secretary of State and other candidates are performed.  However, other members within the GOP had a secondary agenda for this event.  Eric Castiglia, Stan Grot, Chris Schornack, Michelle Smith and others had devised an attempted to overthrow the Macomb County GOP Executive Committee members, and seat some of themselves on the committee, including Castiglia as Chairman.  

After reviewing the Michigan GOP bylaws, there were several issues with the process that took place to elect new committee members to the Macomb County GOP, brought up by Mark Fortin and Lisa Mankiewicz to the state party.  Mark and Lisa filed a challenge to members of the state party, highlighting these issues.  The only formal response that was given by the state party was that Castiglia was from the Credentials Committee, which stated the rules were followed correctly electing Castiglia as chair of the county convention, but did not make any mention of his election being to the Macomb County Committee Chairman.  No other state MIGOP party official has responded within or out of the specified timeframe allotted by the bylaws.  After reviewing the bylaws, the information provided by the Credentials Committee, and no other responses, Fortin and Mankiewicz have rightfully concluded they are still the sitting Chair and Co-Chair of the Macomb County GOP Committee respectively.  

Mark Fortin and the Macomb County GOP still plan to have their monthly meetings as scheduled, at their normal time and location.  They also still hold their normal office, and are conducting matters as expected. 

While attending the state convention in Grand Rapids, Mark Fortin saw MeShawn Maddock, Michigan GOP Co-Chair.  Fortin asked Maddock about the process that took place in Macomb County during the County Convention, where several Michigan GOP bylaws had been broken, and she replied back (I’m paraphrasing) “everything was done legally, I have used those tactics to remove county chairman I didn’t agree with in the past as well.  That’s the answer from our leader, of course informal, not in writing, and has her stamp of approval while going against GOP bylaws.  These people think they can do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, without recourse.  

I also wrote about my experience during the Nominating Convention, reporting on information I obtained during the event from delegates and individuals working the event, that has received some backlash by members within the party.  They have created posts and videos attempting to counter my article, stating it was ‘misinformation’, sound familiar?  The ironic part of the rebuttals I received is they actually make my point stronger.  As most took issue with my description of the process and some issues within it.  However, as I stated the information I received was obtained by delegates elevated and voting at the convention, as well as individuals working the event, if any of the information was incorrect, it’s because our party isn’t being properly trained, and is being ‘misinformed’ by our party leaders, which is the reason for RINO Hunters, and subsequently my articles.  I guess they failed to do that simple math before arguing their points.  I understand the want for the delegates to have the correct information, but why should the largest issue be with the article on RINO Hunters, who obtained information from our delegates?  Would you not want to take issue with the leaders within our party responsible for training and informing these delegates?  Seems so simple I cringe having to put it into writing. 

While we are on the subject of State Nominating Convention, I do want to add some information obtained since writing the article.   As stated, the delegates are clearly misinformed from the party leaders if any of the rebutting party members is indeed correct, and this seems to reign true still.  I spoke with another Macomb County delegate at an event this past weekend, and they aren’t sure if there is another convention that is being held in August, or if this convention in April was in replacement of the August convention.  I have been researching some of the bylaws myself, and came across an entire document covering the April convention, with no mention of an August convention, and no subsequent document covering and August convention.  If this is indeed supposed to be the process, the delegates should be notified soon so they can plan on spending another day, or weekend in Grand Rapids accordingly, obviously this means travel arrangements and hotel accommodations for many across the state, with only 12 weeks until August, the sooner the delegates can obtain the information the better for our party.  

I’m addition, rumblings of more establishment communist style takeover proceedings are being talked about at the event I attended this weekend.  Two other delegates I spoke to mentioned an ongoing investigation of some sort into Matthew DePerno, the Attorney General nominee, that Leonard has apparently shut down his website and campaign, while Bergman’s remains open, and is still taking donations, and finally that the state party is attempting to gather a super majority 75% of delegates to overturn the results of the Attorney General nomination.  Of course rumors spread within the party like wildfire, and these claims can’t be verified yet by speaking to a couple delegates, but it also sounds like something MeShawn and others within party leadership would attempt to devise.  It also seems quite interesting the timing of Matthew Maddocks removal from the GOP Caucus in Lansing, just post convention, where two outsiders from the establishment were just nominated to state wide office following the 2020 election and their hard work to expose the fraud that clearly took place, that our current legislator refused.  Coincidence?  Officials in Lansing reported that the Maddocks spoke about confidential information obtained behind closed doors in meetings.  The Maddocks ignoring party rules and standard ethics?  Well, that doesn’t seem too hard to imagine either, so the verdict is still out on that as well.  

The bottom line, it’s just more fuel to the fire that’s been raging within our party leadership for some time now.  The lack of transparency from our leaders, they clearly work against the America First agenda and candidates, the bribes they’ve given, they have no ethics, no accomplishments to speak of, our delegates are uninformed, our poll workers are untrained, our party split right in half, there’s no consensus, there’s no direction, there’s no real leadership. The most corrupt leaders in the most corrupt state, MeShawn Maddock and Ron Weiser must go.  The most corrupt leaders in the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state, Stan Grot, Anthony Forlini, Eric Castiglia and his mini communist party must go.   

Link to Macomb County Convention Video Below