Michigan State Representative

Ryan Berman

failing our country

Paid $63,000 to David Forsmark’s firm Winning Strategies




Accepted $500 from Blue Cross Blue Shield




Received $450 from 21st Century Democrats




Received $5,000 from Quicken Loans


Source:  State of Michigan Campaign Finance Reports


Received $1,500 from Flagstar Bank


Likes Senator Ed McBroom’s Facebook Page


Likes Ed McBroom’s Facebook page


Likes Mitt Romney’s Facebook page


Likes Kevin Coleman’s Facebook page – he’s a Democrat


Likes Rocky’s Facebook page



Voted to extend Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency order in March / early April




Accepted $1,000 from Mike Cox – the pro LGBTQ+ rights Michigan Attorney General


Received $1,000 from DTE Energy


Did not address the un-Constitutionality of Govenor Whitmer’s orders




Accepted $400 from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce


Received $250 from Henry Ford Health Systems – company that imposed vaccine mandates on health care workers


Accepted $250 from GM


Ryan Berman on Gretchen Whitmer’s stay at home order in early April


“I’m not going to fault her for what she’s done or play Monday morning quarterback.”




Said “we’re not going back to normal.”  Talked about a “new normal.”




Voted no on requiring election challengers to undergo more training




Voted to extend COVID-19 unemployment benefits – December 2020




Voter says Ryan Berman “says one thing and does another.”


Sorry no. Based on our porch conversation I voted for you once. Not again. You told me one thing, then did another. I would want someone with a stronger sense of self and a better moral compass. But I wish you good luck.





Voter says Ryan did not have coffee hours in his district for over a year.


Ryan Berman’s aide told me that Berman was perfectly fine with the paramilitary groups who brought their AR-15’s into the Michigan State Capitol Building last April 30, terrorizing legislators, because “they were just exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. That “rally” looked like a practice run for the January 6 insurrection in Washington DC. Berman has no problem with Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey speaking at White Nationalist anti-government paramilitary rallies in Michigan. Why did Shirkey meet privately with these anti-government groups? Why is Berman afraid to meet with constituents? He hasn’t had any public coffee hours for over a year, but his party has found the time to craft 39 voter suppression bills to suppress Black voters. This all ties into the Big Lie that the election was “stolen.” Berman is unfit for office and is just another GOP lowlife.




Elected delegates within party not happy that he has not pursued an audit.


“If you truly want to restore public trust and integrity in our election system, how about you support a forensic audit of the last one?

Nothing on this since December is not going to cut it.”


-Gabriel Costanzo


Accused of not being transparent with voters


why do I get more info on what you are doing with your tax funded salary from your mommy’s page than from your actual page? Why are you so hypocritical? You tout that you are some champion of transparency when you never meet with or answer questions from your constituents. Unless of course they are Right Wing Militia nuts that want to kill our Governor. You love meeting with them.