Rocky Raczkowski

failing our country

$6.5 million fraud lawsuit filed against him by former business partners


Collected $750,000 in campaign contributions before deciding not to run for Congress


Racked up $7,030 in fines from the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections


Allegation:  pocketed huge amounts of money related to ticket sales for a 3-day event in South Dakota that featured a concert by country music star Kenny Chesney


Sued for allegedly conducting a “malicious defamation campaign” about Bentivolio’s military record, including disputing his medals and injuries.


“I could never support him (Kerry Bentivolio) for office.  Ever.”


Accused by former Congressman Bentivolio of being a liar.


“Rocky Raczkowski is a liar, and we are going to prove that he is a liar,” said Bentivolio, who is seeking $10 million in damages. “We made a case that he has a history of lying and telling mistruths, and we have enough evidence to proceed with a jury trial”


Accused of having a big ego


“Others agree, with one saying Raczkowski would never drop out “because his ego won’t let him.”


Pledged to make Oakland County great again. 


“As someone who has run for office, I know what Oakland County needs to do to become great again.”


Southfield attorney said unfair lawsuit against Bentivolio


Schlussel called Raczkowski’s alleged statements “disgusting and despicable.”


Raised over $700K for campaign; did not run for public office.  Professional fundraiser ended up getting most of the commissions.


Claimed to be an attorney, but apparently failed the bar exam.


Combat Veterans PAC rescinded endorsement of him because they could not verify Rocky’s military record


Sabotaged Kerry Bentivolio’s fundraising efforts


Trott’s liaison to the dark side of politics sends Mark Valente III (a long-standing Republican operative from Michigan) to Washington, D. C. to sabotage Congressman Bentivolio’s fundraising efforts. Rumors have abounded around Michigan that Trott used Rocky to deliver $100,000.00 to Valente as payment for his services.


Political Consultant Ken Crow says Rocky launched a “smear campaign” against Bentivolio without actual evidence


“Launched his campaign to discredit Congressman Bentivolio with smears and lies that have zero factual evidence. Trott did only serve for two-terms before announcing his “retirement.” Strange coincidence?”


Ken Crow claims Rocky falsely accused Kerry Bentivolio of not having a legitimate service record without verifying the facts


Political consultant Ken Crow claims Rocky Raczkowski is guilty of nothing short of character assassination (in my opinion) and he is most certainly guilty of “stolen valor.”


Likes the following pages on Facebook:  Haley Stevens, Ryan Berman for Attorney General, the Regional Transit Authority of SE Michigan (transit tax increase), election fraud denier Wayne Bradley, Fred Upton (who voted with the Democrats on the infrastructure bill).


Backed down from Obama’s birth certificate comment


Had suspicious donor names in his campaign finance report


From Kerry’s attorney:  “No, not kidding. There are no Roger Rogers or Clearance Clarences.  But there are Angus Angus, Jill Jill, Jody Jody, Maria Maria, and quite a few suspicious other contributors with identical first and last names, many of them with P.O. boxes, one of them with a P.O. box with no specific P.O. box number. There’s even a person named “M.F. M.F.”–hey, the perfect initials to describe Rocky, whether or not he gets elected tonight. And there are people and addresses that don’t exist, too.  A woman named “Christa Kwitt” had a street address on Bobolink in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Um, there is NO Bobolink in Bloomfield Hills. Not even a Bob-O-Link street. Yup, fictional addresses for fictional donors. But, hey, at least he didn’t list her as Christa Christa. Where did this money really come from?”


Campaign Donations


  • Gave $500 on 11/1/2012 to Mitt Romney
  • Gave $1,300 on 02/26/2008 to John McCain
  • Gave $150 on 11/22/21 to former MI Governor / Biden supporter Rick Snyder


How to see proof:  Go to, go to “Find contributions from specific individuals” and type in his name. 


Dark Money Accepted


  • Accepted $5,000 from Meijer family on 7/18/14
  • Accepted $2,000 from Dave Trott on 7/11/14
  • Accepted $1,000 from DTE Energy on 3/17/99


How to track down:  go to State of Michigan campaign finance reports.