Michigan Crime Family

Nicholson(PVS Chemicals), Moroun(Ambassador Bridge), Cotton (Meridian Health)

These three businessmen, all made the RINO Hunter Michigan Crime Family list. They are all top Republican donors. However, some may remember one of Whitmer’s many controversial actions, when she boarded a plane to visit her father during the pandemic while having all her citizens in lockdown and forbid anyone from seeing their relatives by law. Whitmer, disobeying her own law flew on a private jet to visit her father, guess who provided it? Nicholson (PVS Chemicals), Moroun (Ambassador Bridge Owner), and Cotton (Meridian Health). Another instance where the Michigan Crime Families donate to both Republican and Democrat politicians, because it’s not about our values or our politicians representing the people, it’s about them, and their representation, regardless of who they have to pay off.