Michigan Senate Majority Speaker

Mike Shirkey

Received money from Ford Motor Co., Molina Healthcare, Michigan Auto Dealers Association, AT&T, General Motors, Richard DeVos, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Dow Chemical, the Michigan Restaurant Association and other companies.

Michigan Senate recognized Gay Pride Month under his leadership



failing our country

Denies claims of voter fraud.


“In the conversation, Shirkey dismissed claims of massive election fraud in Michigan that President Donald Trump had alleged.”




Donald Trump calls Shirkey a RINO.


“Michigan’s Republican State Legislators should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this horrible situation to happen. In particular, the incompetent RINO Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey, and Senator Ed McBroom. Maybe McBroom is really a Democrat who could not otherwise get elected in Northern Michigan,” Trump said.”




Censured by Hillsdale County GOP




  • Open support of the termination of the electoral college, one of the most important checks and balances that protect our Republican from democratic mob rule.
  • Complete and utter surrender to Governor Gretchen Whitmer in regards to her unconscionable and unconstitutional shutdown of small businesses.
  • Abusing our taxpayer dollars to manipulate elections by creating paid political positions to help his protégées and heir apparent garner electoral advantages.
  • The condemnation of peaceful protesters at the Capital, publicly declaring them “a bunch of ******.”
  • Proclaiming those who peacefully exercise their right to open carry at the Capitol should be “handcuffed, finger printed, and given a long-standing photo they can frame at home.”
  • Actively working against patriotic candidates in district he does not live in.
  • Refusal to hold Governor Gretchen Whitmer accountable for boldly disobeying a Michigan Supreme Court decision.
  • Working openly behind the scenes to repeal and terminate Michigan’s Constitutionally passed and enacted term limits laws for the State Legislature.




Shirkey Chief of Staff went to work for far left MI Attorney General Dana Nessel




Wanted to tie restaurant reopenings to COVID-19 metrics – violating the Constitution.


Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-ClarkLake) “demanded” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer create metrics that restaurants could use when her administration’s recent shutdown order on eating establishments, bars and entertainment.


The administration should target those establishments that violate health and safety standards designed to protect patrons from COVID-19 spread, Shirkey said, as opposed to issuing orders that “threaten the livelihood of an entire industry.”




Accepted over $10,000 from lobbyists and special interest groups




Did not vote to end the $300 / week unemployment federal benefits in the summer of 2021




Abstained from vote on a bill that would have prohibited Governor Whitmer from taking on more road debt




Voted to expand Medicaid eligibility




Dark money accepted:


$1,000 from MIGOP Chairman Ron Weiser on 12/31/13, who gave money to Joe Biden

$1,000 from Michigan Chamber of Commerce lobbying group on 7/15/10.

$1,000 from Meijer PAC on 06/18/12. Peter Meijer, member of the Meijer family, voted to impeach Trump.


Campaign contributions


Gave $1,500 to Ron Weiser for his campaign for U-M Board of Regents on 10/26/2016.

Gave $250 to John McCain’s Presidential campaign on 12/17/2007.


Major questions have been raised about Shirkey’s business dealings in China


“Shirkey is the founder and owner of Orbitform, an engineering company that builds assembly machines for manufacturers.


The machines are sold in China by OCS Automation Technologies Co., which registered as a limited liability company with the Chinese government in 2018. According to the company’s website, OCS stands for Orbitform’s China Sales. The company exclusively sells Orbitform machines and equipment to Chinese manufacturers. The equipment is used for auto parts, medical supplies, and industrial automation, according to a translated version of the company’s website.


OCS Automation has multiple locations in China and describes itself as a “leading company in the press fitting industry and riveting industry.”


“But Shirkey’s company also imports shipments from China, Thailand, India, and Mexico, according to data from the global trade intelligence firm Panjiva.”