Michigan Senator

Lana Theis

Endorsed election fraud denier Tom Leonard for Attorney General



failing our country

Signed onto McBroom report, saying there was no “widespread” election fraud. 




Trump said Lana Theis “forgot she is a Republican.”


“Michigan State Senators sold out the people by refusing a forensic audit” of the 2020 presidential election. He then repeated the falsehood that there was “pervasive Voter Fraud” in the 2020 election, which numerous audits and investigations have failed to substantiate. The statement calls out Theis for refusing to support an audit, and that she “forgot she’s a Republican.”




Signed onto report calling on Dana Nessel to investigate individuals who brought up voter fraud claims




Husband received $80K from insurance lobbyist coalition




“Too biased” to chair the House Insurance Committee




Mike Detmer, Grassroots Leader Challenging Theis, points out she shows “unyielding support of an auto insurance law that’s depriving hundreds of catastrophically injured accident survivors of care.”


From Michigan Radio:


“The way this has played out, it looks to me like the insurance lobby got their way,” said Detmer. “She’s not taking calls on this, she’s not taking those meetings. You know, if you pass a law, and then you find out there’s some problems with it, that maybe are unforeseen, maybe they were foreseen, but you chose to ignore it, I would think you would want to fix those problems immediately so nobody’s harmed.”


Theis did not respond to an interview request for this story. She has also not responded to previous requests for interviews about the crisis created by the law.




Censured by Macomb County Republican Party for election report claiming “no widespread evidence” of voter fraud




Called a “partisan obstructionist” by auto insurance lawyer




Auto insurance lawyer says she lied about her auto insurance reform plan


“Her plans would increase businesses’ health insurance costs, fail to provide real savings, cause insurance profits to soar at expense of taxpayers and small businesses and Medicaid tax burdens to skyrocket to make up the difference of $25,000.”




Dark Money: 


  • Accepted $1,500 from Blue Cross Blue Shield – $1,500 – 3/18/17
  • Accepted $1,000 from MIGOP Chairman Ron Weiser – 07/03/14
  • Accepted $500 from Pfizer – 05/25/17
  • Accepted $300 from DTE Energy – 02/09/15




  • Gave $500 to Tom Leonard’s Attorney General Campaign – 09/28/18. Tom Leonard says he has not seen evidence that would overturn the election results.