Kevin Rinke

failing our country

Downplayed claims election was stolen


“Kevin Rinke, the Metro Detroit businessman who’s the newest addition to the race for governor, said he’s “not seen anything that would indicate there was fraud” in the 2020 presidential election.

“I think the election has been certified, and that stands for itself,” Rinke said.

He made the comments during an appearance on WKAR’s “Off The Record.”

“I don’t know,” he said when asked about former President Donald Trump’s assertions that the Michigan vote was “stolen” from him. “Certainly, I don’t look back. I look forward in regards to elections.”

Sexual assault allegations from employees he has worked with


“Shocking court records obtained by West Michigan Politics show prominent Metro Detroit car dealer Kevin Rinke repeatedly subjected employees to racial attacks and sexual harassment.

Rinke, who is considering running for Governor, settled the sexual harassment suit for $15,000, and settled the racial attack suit out of court, Macomb County Circuit Court files reveal.”