Michigan RINO

Josh Venable

“The woman in Michigan” has demonstrated more character than we have ever seen from this president. While I disagree with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on many issues, I respect her. No governor or governor’s family should ever live in fear that a Twitter tirade from the president could encourage, exacerbate or inflame hostilities against them.”

“But this is 2020, so of course, this year is different. I cannot vote for the Republican nominee for president. For the good of the party I have supported my entire life, but more importantly, for the sake of the country I love, I implore all patriotic Republicans to join me.”

failing our country

  • Worked under MIGOP Chairman Weiser in 2010. Encouraged voters oppose Trump
  • Hillary Clinton speaks at the Weiser Diplomacy Center Inaugural Lecture at U-M
  • “While there are a few activists who want to shrink our party and are focused on fighting with other Republicans, my team is focused on growing our party and fighting our true opponents,the Democrats,” Weiser said in a statement. “That is where our focus will remain, and I’dencourage everyone to channel their frustration toward winning in 2022, not attacking eachother. The Democrats are the only ones who benefit.”