James Craig

Reporter said Chief Craig does not have a plan to fix Michigan roads.
“To echo Chad here: I double-checked with other reporters and my audio to make sure Craig said what I thought I’d heard.
Before now, I’d never heard a political candidate say “I didn’t say that was one of my priorities” when asked about ideas for improving infrastructure.”

Received corporate board gig days before launching Governor run


“Republican James Craig scored a seat on a company’s board of directors just days before announcing his campaign for governor, highlighting how little Michigan voters might know about candidates’ financial interests.”




DeadlineDetroit reporter says Yob raised serious questions about Chief Craig’s viability as a candidate for Governor


“Word was percolating around the Republican water cooler for weeks that Yob was courting potential challengers to Craig even as he was still taking a check from the 2022 candidate. I’m told Yob was concerned the ex-chief might have not moved to the right enough, was unwilling to work a room the way an eager candidate should and blew his Florida meeting in September with ex-President Trump, who has yet to endorse a gubernatorial candidate.”


“His departure is a humiliation for Craig, to be sure. Think about it: The guy standing next to Craig is telling the world he doesn’t think Craig has what it takes to get to the finish line.


But if you’re Craig, there is a silver lining. Remember, Yob is the guy who tried to spin the disastrous rollout of the Craig campaign, where he was chased off Belle Isle by a howlling gaggle of protestors.”



failing our country

Wrote 6,000 tickets for violating mask mandates




FBI – accused him of exaggerating crime drops in the City of Detroit.


“Federal Bureau of Investigation disputed his claim, and suggested violent crime had actually increased 15.7 percent between 2015 and 2016.”




Led the LGBTQ flag raising in Detroit




Expressed love for the LGBTQ community in Detroit




Ted Nugent declined to endorse Chief Craig




CPAC declined to endorse him for Governor




Media says he has sent “mixed messages” in the early stages of his campaign.




Yobb (his campaign strategist) worked with Biden supporter Rick Snyder, former LGBTQ+ rights supporter Mike Cox and globalist George Bush


Source:  http://strategicnational.com/our-clients/


Dodged the question of voter fraud in the 2020 election


“I am a cop. … If there was evidence, if there was a proper investigation that the election was stolen … I don’t have that information,” the former police chief said.




“The former police chief said he hasn’t seen information proving the 2020 election was stolen, as suggested by Trump and some Republicans who could run alongside Craig on the 2022 ballot. Craig offered a vague answer when asked whether he believes the election outcome was determined by fraud.”




Reporter said Chief Craig does not have a plan to fix Michigan roads.


“To echo Chad here: I double-checked with other reporters and my audio to make sure Craig said what I thought I’d heard.


Before now, I’d never heard a political candidate say “I didn’t say that was one of my priorities” when asked about ideas for improving infrastructure.”


Criticized by Democratic Party for lack of transparency.


“Contrary to what James Craig’s insider consultants told him to do, creating a wall of see-through glass isn’t the kind of transparency Michigan voters care about,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Craig’s growing reputation of dodging even the most basic question about the legitimacy of American elections and refusing to disavow the GOP’s dangerous claims proves he cares more about his own partisan politics than doing what’s right for Michigan families.”




Many Detroit residents say he greatly exaggerated police response time improvements




Violent crimes a mixed bag under his leadership




Department gave out 272 tickets; 768 warnings one weekend in response to Whitmer’s CoVID-19 lockdown orders




Detroit still remains the 2nd most violent city in the USA




Former MIGOP leader Jeff Timmer filed complaint with Michigan Elections Bureau, saying Chief Craig was campaigning without filing with state.




Apparently wanted stronger gun laws; 10-round limit




Criticized by Ned Ryun (relative of former Congressman Jim Ryun) as being a “fake Republican” because he did not enforce federal immigration laws




Does not have police chief certification




Accused of fleeing suspected carjacker