Former President of The United States Of America

George Bush

failing our country

Held fundraiser to help Liz Cheney get re-elected



Distanced himself from Trump during his 2016 Presidential election campaign


Rejected the idea the 2020 election was “stolen”

Said Joe Biden was “off to a good start” in March of 2020


Was very critical of what happened on January 6.


“”The violent assault on the Capitol — and disruption of a constitutionally mandated meeting of Congress — was undertaken by people whose passions have been inflamed by falsehoods and false hopes.”

Pushed for a pathway for illegal immigrants to become US citizens


“Tonight, President Bush Will Call On Congress To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  The President believes that America can simultaneously be a lawful, economically dynamic, and welcoming society.  We must address the problem of illegal immigration and deliver a system that is secure, productive, orderly, and fair.  The President calls on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that will secure our borders, enhance interior and worksite enforcement, create a temporary worker program, resolve – without animosity and without amnesty – the status of illegal immigrants already here, and promote assimilation into our society. All elements of this problem must be addressed together – or none of them will be solved.”

Barabara Bush was very critical of Trump


“He doesn’t give many answers to how he would solve problems. He sort of makes faces and says insulting things.”

Called Joe Biden a “good man”


“Though we have political differences, I know Joe Biden to be a good man, who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country,”

Said Joe Biden will govern for “all Americans.”

Trump’s comments on George Bush’s leadership


“the one who got us into the quicksand of the Middle East and, after spending trillions of dollars and killing nearly a million people, the Middle East was left in worse shape after 21 years than it was when he started his stupidity.

“It ended with Biden’s most embarrassing in history withdrawal from Afghanistan, a total surrender, leaving $85 Billion dollars [sic] of equipment and many young Warriors lives behind,” Trump continued.

““The World Trade Center came down during his watch,” he wrote. “Bush led a failed and uninspiring presidency. He shouldn’t be lecturing anybody!​”

Was sharply criticized by Trump for holding Liz Cheney fundraiser


“There is little overlap between violent extremists abroad and at home.” (3:37)


Former Secretary of State under Bush (Colin Powell) Calls Himself a Republican because “it annoys them.”


“I think the party has shifted much further right than where the country is and it should be obvious to party leaders that they cannot keep saying the things that they are saying and doing the things that they were doing and hope to be successful in national level elections in the future, not just 2016… So I want to continue to be a Republican because it annoys them.”


His Former Secretary of State Endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012

First Lady appeared at a WHO fundraiser after President Trump announced decision to cut their funding


First Lady admitted to voting for Hillary in the 2016 Presidential primary


First Lady wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post, criticizing immigration policy of “separating children from their families”


Warned about violent extremists in the United States


They share a “disregard for human life” and a “determination to defile national symbols.”

“They are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our… duty to confront them,” Bush said.

Link to video –

Said more work visas for immigrants need to be issued because there are “many jobs that need to be filled.” – 2:50 in


Says we are “calling people names” and “scaring people about immigration” – 4:15 in

Calls the current Republican Party as “isolationist”, “protectionist”, and nativist” – – 4:25 in


Admitted that if he criticized other Presidents Michelle Obama may not “be his friend” – 6:15 in

Said there has been a lot of “misinformation” around what happened at the Capital on January 6 – 7:33 in

Says her daughter Jenna Bush is good friends with Ellen DeGeneres


Bill Clinton says he “always admired” George Bush


Barbara Bush said “I don’t know how women can vote for someone (Trump) who said what he said about Megan Calley – it was terrible.”


Bill Clinton said, “I love George H.W. Bush” – 0:30 in

Judge appointed by George Bush halted President Trump’s immigration order


Criticized by Obama for driving up national debt from $5 trillion to $9 trillion.  Called his actions “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic”


Was found guilty of war crimes – admitted genocide in violation of international law


Francis Boyle, International Law Expert:  “Bush and Blair are found guilty under the same law that applied to the Nazis after the end of World War II.  They are international criminals guilty of international crimes against pace.  We will continue our efforts to bring Bush and Blair to justice and put them in jail.”

Is a guest speaker at Liz Cheney’s fundraiser


One of the most unpopular political figures of modern times

Spoke at Eradicate Hate Global Summit

Judge Bush appointed ordered Trump to restore DACA


Did not take the threat of Osama Bin Laden seriously


Silent on the following issues:


  • BLM attacking police officers
  • Hillary lied about Benghazi

Laura Bush called Trump’s zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration “cruel and immoral”


“On Sunday, a day we as a nation set aside to honor fathers and the bonds of family, I was among the millions of Americans who watched images of children who have been torn from their parents. In the six weeks between April 19 and May 31, the Department of Homeland Security has sent nearly 2,000 children to mass detention centers or foster care. More than 100 of these children are younger than 4 years old. The reason for these separations is a zero-tolerance policy for their parents, who are accused of illegally crossing our borders.

I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries, but this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.

Our government should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted box stores or making plans to place them in tent cities in the desert outside of El Paso. These images are eerily reminiscent of the Japanese American internment camps of World War II, now considered to have been one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history. We also know that this treatment inflicts trauma; interned Japanese have been two times as likely to suffer cardiovascular disease or die prematurely than those who were not interned.”

43 former Bush Administration officials formed a Political Action Committee in support of Biden

Link to PAC:

Would not speak out about Obama on the Jimmy Kimmel Show:  “It’s not good for the country to have a former president undermine a current president”

Laura Bush said same-sex couples should have the “same rights that everyone else has” – 0:20 in


Laura Bush against the overturning of Roe vs. Wade – 1:50 in

Attended an event for Hillary Clinton in Paris


Barbara Bush was the keynote speaker for a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Texas


Barbara Bush called Planned Parenthood an “exceptional organization”

Jenna Bush Hager (Bush family member) made video pushing for marriage “equality”


Called on Congress to tone down its rhetoric on immigration


Became friends with Obama


Trump said George Bush lied about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq


Jeb Bush said he “did not take Trump seriously” when he came down the escalator. – 3:50


Jeb Bush – called Trump’s “go at it alone” policy toward trade “dangerous” – 8:00


Jeb Bush – Comments about Trump’s Presidency:  “friends no longer believe they can trust the United States; our enemies feel emboldened.” – 8:15 in


Jeb Bush- Said he “doesn’t think Trump is a conservative” – 10:15


George Bush – said “bigotry seems emboldened” as a result of Trump’s Presidency


“Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and fabrication”


Said he considered the media to be “indispensable to democracy.” – 2:15


George H.W. Bush – praised by Bill Clinton – “I love you.”


Barbara Bush about Trump:


“He doesn’t give many answers on how he would solve problems.  He sort of makes faces and says insulting things.” – 4:11

George W. Bush did not vote for Trump in 2016 – 4:15 – chose “none of the above.”


Trump called Bush’s pick for Secretary of State (Dick Cheney) a RINO


Trump said Bush pick Dick Cheney made some “big mistakes.”


Powell (Bush pick) labeled Trump a “national disgrace.”


Donald Trump said George Bush had advance intel by the CIA that there would be an attack; did not do anything


Called the Iraq War with George Bush a “disaster” – with 2 trillion dollars


Said that the “economic collapse” around 2007 under George Bush gave the United States Barack Obama – 5:00


Barbara Bush – originally hesitant for Jeb Bush to enter Presidential race – 0:30


Barbara Bush – Described Trump as “greedy, selfish and ugly.”  “I don’t understand why people are for him.” – 1:12


Barbara Bush – said she didn’t understand why women could vote for Trump – 1:30


Barbara Bush – said her husband voted for a Democrat in 2016 – 1:40


Did not stand behind Trump during the impeachment


Called his inaugural address some “weird ****”


Trump said George P. Bush is the “only Bush that likes me.”


Father supported Hillary Clinton in 2016


Did not endorse Donald Trump for President in 2016


Urged Americans to support his call for widespread amnesty


Compared January 6 riots to a “banana Republic”


Said what happened at the Capital made him “sick to his stomach”.  Says the election was not stolen.


“I am appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election and by the lack of respect shown today for our institutions, our traditions, and our law enforcement,” he said. “The violent assault on the Capitol — and disruption of a constitutionally mandated meeting of Congress — was undertaken by people whose passions have been inflamed by falsehoods and false hopes.”

Asked directly during the interview whether the election was stolen, Bush replied: “No.”


Authorized the Patriot Act, which enables un-Constitutional spying on American citizens


“ He was also big on expanding government power — in the Patriot Act, which is now being abused on Republicans instead of bloodthirsty terrorists, and in bringing us the TSA, targeting old blue-haired ladies instead of angry Middle Eastern military-aged young men.”

“Bush thinks there was no election fraud, despite the suitcases in Atlanta, the sudden stop of counting in four states at 2:00 A.M., the transported ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, the witness testimonies in various states, the blocked observers, the ignored court orders, the ballot harvests, the usurped power from legislatures, the unchecked signatures, the backdated ballots, the unfolded ballots, and massive other irregularities, which are only now getting a court rulings critical of these obvious cheatings.  Bush’s pig-stupid single “no” answer, with absolutely nothing to argue against this mountain of evidence everyone sees and knows about, says mountains about where he’s coming from.  He likes the election fraud.  Anything that Gets Trump is good to him, and too bad about that actual threat on democracy.”

“Bush dismissed President Trump as an ephemeral populist who will eventually “fritter away,” imagining that everyone will come back to Bush and his swamp model of governance as the standard as time passes.  All he needs is time and everyone will come to love him, despite the fact that his stature as ex-president has fallen, not risen, as he had expected.  In Bush’s mind, Trump was an aberration.  We’ll all snap out of it.  We are all supposed to miss Bush now and long for politics as usual again.”

On Afghanistan crisis:


“”It ended with Biden’s most embarrassing in history withdrawal from Afghanistan, a total surrender, leaving $85 Billion dollars [sic] of equipment and many young Warriors lives behind,” Trump continued.”

Said he had real concerns about all the “misinformation” out there.


“”What’s really troubling is how much misinformation there is and the capacity of people to spread all kinds of untruth,” he added. “And I don’t know what we’re going to do about that.”

George Bush failed to speak out about Obama’s destructive policies.
Good analysis by the American Thinker on this issue:
“Yet many in the American patrician class refuse to acknowledge who Barack Obama is, what damage he has wrought, and the dire future the nation faces if he is re-elected.  Their general consensus is that he is a likeable fellow in over his head, with the best of intentions, albeit misguided.  Therefore, excessive criticism or “incivility” is uncalled for when discussing the faults and foibles of Barack Obama.  It is apparently an ironclad tenet that the intentions of anyone who becomes the president of the United States are above reproach unless he or she is a conservative Republican or proven corrupt in a formal impeachment process.
The leading proponent of this approach is the Bush family.  It is admirable that George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush have proclaimed their respect for the office of president of the United States and the tradition of not publically criticizing any current occupant.  Yet Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did not and do not hesitate to inject public criticism of any Republican incumbent or past president.  Further, the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, while muted in his criticism of Obama, is nonetheless willing to castigate conservative Republicans for being, in his mind, overly divisive and unwilling to compromise with someone bent on transforming the nation.”