Ed McBroom

failing our country

Trump calls him a RINO


“Michigan State Senators Mike Shirkey and Ed McBroom are doing everything possible to stop Voter Audits in order to hide the truth about November 3rd.  The Senate “investigation” of the election is a cover up, and a method of getting out of a Forensic Audit for the examination of the Presidential contest.


Corrupt (?) politicians falsely claim there was no Voter Fraud in Michigan (has anyone looked at what is considered in the most corrupt city in the U.S., DETROIT?), however, they admit to “problems with the numbers” that rigged 7,048 votes to illegally give a very conservative county to Joe Biden, which raised big signals, only to then find out that it was actually President Trump that won the county by 3,788 votes, not Biden.


The report mentions that Detroit engaged in “illegal actions” by blocking our poll workers, and concludes mailing of unsolicited ballot applications “demonstrates a clear vulnerability for fraud” and then goes on to say that no one should question this election?


Instead of doing a Forensic Audit, they want to investigate the Patriots who have fought for the truth and are exposing a very possibly rigged election.  The truth will come out and RINO’s will pay at the polls, especially with primary voters and expected challengers.  Our country was based on Free and Fair Elections, and that’s what we must have!


Call those two Senators and get them to do the right thing, or vote them the *** out of office!”


Donald Trump




Did not respond to election lawyer Matt DePerno with questions about election fraud




Authored report claiming there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election


“A Michigan Senate panel controlled by Republicans said in a new report that it found no evidence of “widespread or systematic” fraud in the 2020 election.


The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee said in the 55-page document that it investigated the election by hearing public testimony, reviewing countless documents and presentations, and carefully reviewing the elections process itself.


“This Committee found no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election,” it said.


“At this point, I feel confident to assert the results of the Michigan election are accurately represented by the certified and audited results,” Sen. Edward McBroom, a Republican who chairs the panel, added in a note.


The committee claimed to have “exhausted every resource available to it” to examine fraud allegations, although it cautioned that the report shouldn’t be considered exhaustive because it was limited in some ways. For example, members said they researched claims that dead people and nonresidents voted and found only two claims to be true.”




Praised by Obama for “acknowledging the validity of the results in his state”




Asked Michigan’s Attorney General to investigate those that made voter fraud claims


“”After reviewing the report in full, the department has accepted Sen. McBroom and the committee’s request to investigate,” said Lynsey Mukomel, Nessel’s press secretary.




Censured by Macomb County GOP for report claiming no widespread voter fraud




Dark Money Received


  • $5,000 from Rick Snyder’s PAC (One Tough Nerd) on 10/26/12. Rick Snyder supported Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential election
  • $2,000 from DTE Energy – 7/19/2012
  • $1,500 from Blue Cross Blue Shield – 8/8/2012
  • $1,000 from Meijer PAC – 6/1/2012. Peter Meijer (member of the Meijer family) voted to impeach Trump
  • $1,000 from Mike Shirkey, 2019-2020 election cycle – https://mcfn.org/donor-tracking?candidate=42


Voted for bill that would establish opening rules for restaurants, violating the Constitution