Diane Shindlebeck


failing our country

Called Chief Craig’s Campaign Consultant Chuck Yob (who worked to elect former Michigan Governor and Biden supporter Rick Snyder) “legendary”



AKA: SwindleBucks

Yob mentored Swindlebucks. She has multiple non-profits and for-profits to gain favors for herself and her friends. She does not feel the rules apply to her and blatantly disregards them and does as she pleases because someone owes her or one of her friends a favor so any wrongdoing will just go under the rug even when reported to authorities. She does not like being made fun of or asked questions, she might place a trumped-up PPO out on you if you do. Swindlebucks has been (unofficially) running for office while working for Senator Bumstead and also trying to control the local county GOP, while also maintaining a position at the State GOP.

Beware, she acts as nice as can be until…. She doesnt need anything anymore….