Matt DePerno

Matthew DePerno

Michigan Attorney General Nominee

Joker in the Deck Card!
Value is High or Low??
  • Trump Endorsed
  • Proven in battle to take on machine vote switching fraud in Antrim County.  Fearless in that fight.  
  • Grassroots Delegate favorite at April 23convention, beating 2 RINO swamp opponents, and shenanigans
  • Vows to hold both Parties accountable for corruption.   
  • Says “I’m excited to work with” top corrupt RINO, rough running Stan Grot (Stanley the Grot)
  • Now friendly with many known corrupt MIGOP RINOs like Meshawn Maddock and Grot
  • Now endorsing horrendous loser RINO’s Lisa McClain, Jon Rocha, MIGOP crony Diane Swindlebucks
  • Betraying Macomb County Patriots Terry Mekoski, and Mark Forton.
Michigan RINO Hunters was 100% positive on DePerno for all he did to expose the steal in Antrim County and to speak out against the maneuvers of the corrupt MIGOP and the crony network in defeating a FFA in Antrim County.  He worked on Mellissa Carone’s committee to write a FFA bill, and was very impressive.  
Since that time, politics apparently caused Matt to make alliances with the very corrupt people we will need to remove from office in MIGOP and in elected offices for their betraying the Michigan voters.  We must support Matt against the communist, Soros operative SoS Benson we face, yet we must make sure Matt does not become part of the corruption he started out to be so committed to remove.