David Forsmark

failing our country

Said Ed McBroom (who Trump called a RINO) should run for Secretary of State




Called the Dominion whistleblower who testified about voter fraud in the legislature an “idiot.”




Said Dominion election whistleblower is implying Trump is the Antichrist




Called election attorney Matt DePerno (endorsed by Trump) a “con man.”




Campaigned for a Democrat


Forsmark and his Flint-area company, Winning Strategies, has worked for a wide range of Republican and conservative Democratic candidates, including Sen. Mike Green, U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop when he was in the House and Senate, former Sen. Roger Kahn and former Democratic congressman and state Sen. Jim Barcia.




Opposed Attorney General and Secretary of State Candidates endorsed by Trump


“The biggest gift to Michigan Democrats would be if Republicans nominate ANY of the people Trump has endorsed for office here, so far.”




Said Mike Lindell was running a “conspiracy summit”


“So, the main “star” of Mike Lindell’s cyber conspiracy summit is most famous for conning the Pentagon out of millions of dollars for claiming he had a program that could find Al Qaeda messages hidden in Al Jazeera news broadcasts.


At the time, I thought of the preachers playing Black Sabbath backwards trying to find Satanic messages.”




Said Ed McBroom (who Trump called a RINO) should run for Secretary of State




Said “DePerno (attorney exposing election corruption in Michigan) is turning a cash lie into money.”


“Mellissa Carone seems to have only voted once in her life,  In Allen Park in AUGUST of 2020.  (As she put it, she went to vote for “the candidate Trump endorsed” in 2018, John James “I believe”)


John James was unopposed in the 2020 Primary, I can’t find any record of her voting in 2018.


Her excuses are that she was busy on both General Election Days in 2016, and 2020 and that she didn’t vote absentee because she was “raised” to vote on Election Day.  (Actually, her parents’ voting records suggest she was brought up to vote only slightly more than she has, but they aren’t the story here.)


From 2010 to 2019, she doesn’t appear to have been registered to vote anywhere.


While she keeps her carpet bag packed and ready and jumps around declaring for State Rep seats in Lake Orion first, and now in Northern Macomb, she appears to be registered to vote in Dearborn Heights.


She is an opportunist, looking to take her 15 minutes of fame (as laughable as it is) and turn it into a full time gig.


Little wonder she is teamed up with Matt DePerno, who is also turning a lie into cash money.”




Said Antrim County had a “surfeit of evidence and an surplus of nonsense.”




Accused of blackmailing


“David Forsmark, owner and president of Winning Strategies in Flushing, was named by Courser, R-Lapeer, in a Facebook posting late Tuesday as having conspired with his former staff members to try to blackmail him into resigning his state House seat over an extramarital affair with Rep. Cindy Gamrat, R-Plainwell.”




Said Trump’s post-election mischief cost $1.9 trillion.




Posted link to Wall Street Journal article that Trump lost Michigan