Beau LaFave

failing our country

Is part of the Lansing swamp


“LaFave seems to be using an increasingly popular tactic amongst career Republican politicians that involve feigning support for Donald Trump and the America First agenda and simultaneously making every conceivable attempt to thwart those policies. This phenomenon has become pervasive enough for some to coin the term “MAGA Inc.” to describe the RINOs who use this modus operandi.”


“In LaFave exists a state lawmaker from one of the safest Republican seats in the state that nonetheless betrayed his constituencies by first failing to speak out affirmatively about ensuring that every legitimate vote was taken into account in last year’s election, but proceeded to add salt to the wounds of his constituencies by chastizing whistleblowers by posting a Millennial-tier meme, an artistic endeavor that is generally reserved for those born after 2000.”


Dark Money accepted:


$1,000 from Ron Weiser – 9/23/16

$2,200 from Blue Cross Blue Shield

$1,000 from Rick Snyder’s PAC Relentless Positive Action – 09/12/16

$500 – DTE Energy – 03/14/2018

$500 – Michigan Chamber of Commerce – 08/28/2018 


Publicly mocked Dominion Whistleblower Melissa Carone


Voted to extend some of Whitmer’s lockdown orders during COVID-19  


Voted for restrictions on large public gatherings, expanded unemployment benefits and business requirements to follow CDC guidelines


Showed no desire to support the integrity of Michigan’s elections



Retweeted in favor of McBroom report.