May Special Election Review

How MeShawn Maddock & The Establishment Gave A Republican Stronghold To The Democrats.

MeShawn Maddock continues to advocate for her prompt removal as Michigan’s GOP Co-chair, as she continues destroying our state, and works against America First candidates. Stan Grot continues his complete betrayal to the republican party, ignoring law and attempting to keep republican poll workers from monitoring the election in district 36’s Shelby Township. 

Tuesday May 3rd, special elections were held across the state, with two important house districts included, 36 and 74.  Both races included grassroots, America First candidates running to hold the temporary seats, Terence Mekoski for 36 and Robert Regan running for 74.

MeShawn Maddock has actively worked against both of these candidates. Both candidates have been very outspoken about the 2020 election fraud, which seems to be a strong marker that MeShawn will levy all her weight in opposition. Extremely effective in her fight against Regan especially, she managed to flip a 63% republican stronghold in 2020 to the democrats in 2022. Yes, you read that correctly, the leader of the Republican Party in Michigan intentionally turned a red district blue. Democrats only carried 36% of the vote in the 74th district in 2020, increasing to 51% in 2022.  Terence Mekoski has been very active in the party in Macomb County, has worked diligently in his campaign, and fortunately still pulled out a victory, carrying the district with nearly 60% of the vote.

For those that are not aware, I will provide some background on MeShawn and her husband Matt Maddock. Meshawn Maddock the Co-chair of the Michigan GOP, her husband Matt Maddock a state rep in district 44.  MeShawn has failed at every turn since taking the reigns, and Matt was recently removed from the GOP caucus in Lansing. Ever increasing advocacy for their removal has been coming from the grassroots, and being so ineffective in everything they do, even the establishment is beginning to turn their backs on the pair of RINOs.  MeShawn has unfortunately been the main gatekeeper to the Trump endorsement this election cycle. However she has only had state house candidates endorsed. Unsurprisingly, MeShawn has used the Trump endorsement for one reason, and it’s not to benefit our people or our state, it has been solely to enrich the Maddocks. Matt Maddock, announced his bid for Speaker of the House next year.  MeShawn and Matt have been recruiting state house candidates in order to leverage votes for Matt as speaker of the house. They illegally have their staff advise candidates and work on their campaigns in their Lansing office, while active house sessions are in order, and they are being paid by the tax payers. The Maddocks have also faced allegations of pay to play with the Trump endorsement by several individuals, some of them Trump endorsed themselves. 

Consequently, true America First candidates have not been able to obtain the Trump endorsement, and the only candidates to receive the nod from MeShawn are those that are very close to the Maddocks, the first of which being a family member, and largely unknown candidate. When MeShawn was asked by Trump of endorsing Mekoski, who’s strongly supported in Macomb, a long time law enforcement veteran, America First candidate, and proud grandfather sacrificing just to help ensure our state remains one worth living in for his grandchildren, she told Trump that he had no chance of winning, and advised against endorsing the candidate. The opposition in that race just so happen to be Stan Grot, long time Shelby County Clerk and friend of the Maddocks, that’s a whole separate story of establishment shenanigans and corruption in itself. 

During the March special election primary, six important house seats were up for grabs including Mekoski’s, and Regans. On Election Day, specifically and at the very least in Macomb, there were not enough republican poll workers, poll workers were unable to obtain credentials from the state party, and unable to reach our party leaders to resolve the issue. Where was MeShawn? She was too busy that day, posting pictures of herself with a cocktail on the beach. Great place to be while our party is fighting for six important seats in the house. For the entirety of Mekoski’s race, she might as well have been on the beach, that may have served Mekoski better, as she never lifted a finger to help the candidate, even after making it through the primary where she blocked his Trump endorsement and Grot played the old ‘switcheroo’ on the ballot with him and his wife.

During the May general election, as stated earlier, MeShawn was ‘successful’ in turning a deep red district blue, actively working against our leading Republican candidate. In 2020, republicans carried the district 63% to a mere 37% by democrats. Even more disturbing, during the primary just 8 weeks ago, republicans turned in 7,316 votes, to the democrats just 3,762. This district should have been easily kept by republicans. Not only failing to recommend the Trump endorsement to an America First candidate as she always does, MeShawn and Kent County GOP leadership ran the write in Republican candidate in that district to split the vote, which was successful in pulling 1,117 Republican votes from Regan, nearly enough to win the election in itself. True Republicans and patriots reported that the Kent County GOP leadership actually instructed Republican voters to either not vote, vote democrat, or vote for the write in candidate. Dark money was used to actively promote the campaign against the America First candidate, sponsored by former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. To solidify the district for the democrats, a friend of MeShawn Maddock, Shane Trejo, had Regan on his podcast. Afterword, they intentionally removed the context from a statement Regan made about the 2020 election fraud, maliciously and slanderously defaming the candidate, with MaShawn using one of her signature moves, tapping her media person, Craig Mauger at the Detroit news to blast the fake news on the largest possible platforms. Regan was stating how the Republican establishment has basically told us to shut up and accept the results without our constitutional right of an audit, even calling for investigations of citizens who have testified or researched the results.  Regan, strongly outspoken and upset about the 2020 election, compared these actions by republican lawmakers as terrible as if he were to tell one of his daughters to just accept being raped if it were inevitable. Obviously, Regan would never do that, and that was his point, lawmakers should never tell us to just accept our election being stolen, not that the two acts are similar, or that he would ever advise someone, let alone his daughter in that manor, but that the two are similarly insane, and we should not be told to just accept it. 

The takeaways from ONE article of what our Michigan GOP Co-Chair and Kent County GOP leadership does to destroy the Republican Party. 

-Maliciously Defame and Slander a Republican Candidate for State House

-Utilize Left Wing Media to Promote Fake News About Republicans Across Large Platforms 

-Run Write in Candidates to Split the Vote

-Actively Campaign Against Candidates

-Instruct Republicans to Vote Democrat

-Instruct Republicans to Not Vote

-Instruct Republicans to Split the Vote

-Use Dark Money from Other Republicans to Campaign Against the Republican Candidate.

-Lie to President Trump and Block Endorsements

-Confuse Voters Switching a Grot for Another Grot on the Ballot Last Minute

-Fail to Ensure Republican Poll Workers in Place

-Refuse to Assist with Certifying or Providing Credentials for Poll Workers

-Refuse to Address the 2020 Election

-Refuse to Allow Us to Exercise Our Constitutional Rights to an Audit

-Leak Confidential Information and get Removed from the GOP Caucus in Lansing

The leadership in our party does enough in one day to justify being thrown out of our party forever. The people are awake, we see what’s going on, and we must do something about it. This leadership must change, or they will continue to destroy our party from the top down.

To support the great, America first candidates visit the sites below… and as always, if you have a candidate you want to introduce, or a RINO that needs exposed, tell us!!


The Macomb County Coup Attempt

The Macomb County Convention AKA The Latest Communist Coup D'Etat Attempt

On April 11, the Macomb County GOP held their county convention to elevate delegates to the state nominating convention, without fail, things would take an unexpected turn during the meeting. 

The reason for the county convention is to elevate delegates for the state convention, where endorsements of Attourney General, Secretary of State and other candidates are performed.  However, other members within the GOP had a secondary agenda for this event.  Eric Castiglia, Stan Grot, Chris Schornack, Michelle Smith and others had devised an attempted to overthrow the Macomb County GOP Executive Committee members, and seat some of themselves on the committee, including Castiglia as Chairman.  

After reviewing the Michigan GOP bylaws, there were several issues with the process that took place to elect new committee members to the Macomb County GOP, brought up by Mark Fortin and Lisa Mankiewicz to the state party.  Mark and Lisa filed a challenge to members of the state party, highlighting these issues.  The only formal response that was given by the state party was that Castiglia was from the Credentials Committee, which stated the rules were followed correctly electing Castiglia as chair of the county convention, but did not make any mention of his election being to the Macomb County Committee Chairman.  No other state MIGOP party official has responded within or out of the specified timeframe allotted by the bylaws.  After reviewing the bylaws, the information provided by the Credentials Committee, and no other responses, Fortin and Mankiewicz have rightfully concluded they are still the sitting Chair and Co-Chair of the Macomb County GOP Committee respectively.  

Mark Fortin and the Macomb County GOP still plan to have their monthly meetings as scheduled, at their normal time and location.  They also still hold their normal office, and are conducting matters as expected. 

While attending the state convention in Grand Rapids, Mark Fortin saw MeShawn Maddock, Michigan GOP Co-Chair.  Fortin asked Maddock about the process that took place in Macomb County during the County Convention, where several Michigan GOP bylaws had been broken, and she replied back (I’m paraphrasing) “everything was done legally, I have used those tactics to remove county chairman I didn’t agree with in the past as well.  That’s the answer from our leader, of course informal, not in writing, and has her stamp of approval while going against GOP bylaws.  These people think they can do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, without recourse.  

I also wrote about my experience during the Nominating Convention, reporting on information I obtained during the event from delegates and individuals working the event, that has received some backlash by members within the party.  They have created posts and videos attempting to counter my article, stating it was ‘misinformation’, sound familiar?  The ironic part of the rebuttals I received is they actually make my point stronger.  As most took issue with my description of the process and some issues within it.  However, as I stated the information I received was obtained by delegates elevated and voting at the convention, as well as individuals working the event, if any of the information was incorrect, it’s because our party isn’t being properly trained, and is being ‘misinformed’ by our party leaders, which is the reason for RINO Hunters, and subsequently my articles.  I guess they failed to do that simple math before arguing their points.  I understand the want for the delegates to have the correct information, but why should the largest issue be with the article on RINO Hunters, who obtained information from our delegates?  Would you not want to take issue with the leaders within our party responsible for training and informing these delegates?  Seems so simple I cringe having to put it into writing. 

While we are on the subject of State Nominating Convention, I do want to add some information obtained since writing the article.   As stated, the delegates are clearly misinformed from the party leaders if any of the rebutting party members is indeed correct, and this seems to reign true still.  I spoke with another Macomb County delegate at an event this past weekend, and they aren’t sure if there is another convention that is being held in August, or if this convention in April was in replacement of the August convention.  I have been researching some of the bylaws myself, and came across an entire document covering the April convention, with no mention of an August convention, and no subsequent document covering and August convention.  If this is indeed supposed to be the process, the delegates should be notified soon so they can plan on spending another day, or weekend in Grand Rapids accordingly, obviously this means travel arrangements and hotel accommodations for many across the state, with only 12 weeks until August, the sooner the delegates can obtain the information the better for our party.  

I’m addition, rumblings of more establishment communist style takeover proceedings are being talked about at the event I attended this weekend.  Two other delegates I spoke to mentioned an ongoing investigation of some sort into Matthew DePerno, the Attorney General nominee, that Leonard has apparently shut down his website and campaign, while Bergman’s remains open, and is still taking donations, and finally that the state party is attempting to gather a super majority 75% of delegates to overturn the results of the Attorney General nomination.  Of course rumors spread within the party like wildfire, and these claims can’t be verified yet by speaking to a couple delegates, but it also sounds like something MeShawn and others within party leadership would attempt to devise.  It also seems quite interesting the timing of Matthew Maddocks removal from the GOP Caucus in Lansing, just post convention, where two outsiders from the establishment were just nominated to state wide office following the 2020 election and their hard work to expose the fraud that clearly took place, that our current legislator refused.  Coincidence?  Officials in Lansing reported that the Maddocks spoke about confidential information obtained behind closed doors in meetings.  The Maddocks ignoring party rules and standard ethics?  Well, that doesn’t seem too hard to imagine either, so the verdict is still out on that as well.  

The bottom line, it’s just more fuel to the fire that’s been raging within our party leadership for some time now.  The lack of transparency from our leaders, they clearly work against the America First agenda and candidates, the bribes they’ve given, they have no ethics, no accomplishments to speak of, our delegates are uninformed, our poll workers are untrained, our party split right in half, there’s no consensus, there’s no direction, there’s no real leadership. The most corrupt leaders in the most corrupt state, MeShawn Maddock and Ron Weiser must go.  The most corrupt leaders in the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state, Stan Grot, Anthony Forlini, Eric Castiglia and his mini communist party must go.   

Link to Macomb County Convention Video Below


The Real Story Behind Mellissa Carone’s Disqualification

This Has Never Happened In Macomb County

According to a former Macomb County deputy county clerk of 10 years, a candidate has never been eliminated off the ballot for the reason Mellissa Carone was.  Carone checked the box on the affidavit of identity that indicated all her campaign donation reports had been submitted, and fines had been paid.  However, two small fines of $50, and $75 were still owed.  You could say, she checked the box, the fines were owed, she should be disqualified and end the story there, which is what Macomb County Clerk Anthony Forlini did, however, there is more to the story than that, and Forlini and his office aren’t being honest and transparent about the situation as many of our elected officials fail to be, so we will here. 

As stated, a candidate has never been disqualified in Macomb County for this reason, according to a prior long tenured Deputy Clerk.  If this situation has arisen in the past, the clerks office will contact the candidate and advise them of the issue, and allow the candidate to correct the issue, as is stated in Michigan law and on the document titled “Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing”.  The document states ‘If the candidate decides during the filing period to change the Affidavit of Identity, the candidate must submit a new form’.  The law nor document states that there is any specific reason for or against the candidate to be able to do so, just that they are able.  However, Forlini’s office decided to ignore this fact, and deny Carone the ability to do so.  It also gets worse from there.  Carone initially visited the Macomb County Clerks office to file two affidavit of identity’s, one for precinct delegate, the other for her state house candidacy.  Carone submitted the affidavit for precinct delegate and stated to the employee at the clerks office, she had the other affidavit for her state house seat to submit, but noticed the box stating her fines were paid, so she stated she was going to Lansing the following day to pay these fines, and would return to submit the other affidavit.  The employee at the clerks office advised her against this, stating that the affidavit would take 3 or 4 days to process, so if she was going to Lansing the following day to pay the fines, she could indeed submit the affidavit that day while in the office, and the paid fines would reflect in the system before the affidavit was processed, no issue would arise, and no need for her to run back and forth.  Carone asked the clerks employee again just to verify that would not be an issue, which he confirmed, so Carone took the advisement, submitted the affidavit, and went to Lansing the following day to pay the fines as discussed.  Upon departing the elections department office in Lansing, Carone received a call from MeShawn Maddock’s media person, Craig Mauger at the Deteoit News, asking if she would like to make a statement about her disqualification from the ballot of her state house candidacy.  Carone obviously surprised by the call, informed Mauger of the details of her visit at the clerks office, and proceeded in attempts to contact the Macomb County Clerk Forlini thereafter, with no response.  Carone made several calls and several visits to the clerks office, with Forlini refusing to answer, respond to voicemails, or come to the clerk office lobby to speak with Carone.  

Was the clerks employee instructed to give Carone this advisement, to tell her to sign and submit the affidavit, knowing she still had the fines to correct?  It sure seems as though.  If this was a simple mistake on behalf of the clerk employee, you would imagine the clerk would attempt to correct it as they have done with other candidates.  If it were a mistake made by Carone, as other candidates had made in the past, you would imagine the clerk would contact the candidate to correct it, as they have done in the past.  The only sensible conclusion one could draw after such events took place, is that this act was completely intentional.  What if your boss instructed you to take a break at work, and when you returned to work terminated you for walking off the job in the middle of your shift?  The Macomb County Clerk is disqualifying a candidate for exactly what they instructed them to do.  Is this what we are to expect from our elected officials?  Is this what we should accept from the people we elect to office, that are supposed to be there to help citizens with these matters?  Forlini is part of the Lansing swamp, former legislator, ties to the Michigan GOP, and on our RINO Hunter list well before this incident took place, and this is why.  These elected officials do not care about the people, helping people, or the will of the people.  They all work together to keep their group together and retain power.  Further proving this point, who else is running for the state house seat Carone was filed for?  What Republican candidate will now be running unopposed in that Republican district you ask?  Forlini’s friend, and former staffer Joseph Aragona.  You could not make up more examples of conflict of interest, or the Lansing swamp trying to retain power in their little circle than they create all on their own.  Some in the party become upset and don’t agree with Carone calling out the GOP for this behavior, should we just allow it to continue?  Should Forlini be able to do and say whatever he wants without being questioned?  Should he be allowed to disqualify a candidate for a small fine they were advised to pay the following day by their own office, without even being questioned?  Should he be allowed to state he performed a forensic audit of the 2020 election, when in actuality he just had the company contracted by Dominion Voting come in and take a look at their own machines?  Should we not ask questions of our elected officials or hold them accountable without fear of retaliation or attacks?  

The people have woken up, they are getting more involved, joining the party, participating in events, and running for office.  The swamp in Lansing hates this, and is fighting back harder than ever.  We have to continue to push, to hold them accountable, to primary these RINOs that have continuously done nothing to better our state, and have only enriched themselves.  Carone is now filed for a state senate seat, in district 11, running against Mike McDonald.  As with all districts, this one has been subject to the map redistricting this year, and because our Republican legislature again gave little to no push back against these new lines to protect our seats, many suffered redraws that incorporate historically heavy democrat populated areas.  Carone will still need help from the people, as anytime you go against the establishment for one of their seats, but this may be a good scenario for her, while having strong conservative values, she wants what’s best for the state and the people, as well as proven to hold the Republican Party accountable more than any other elected official or candidate currently in office.  

Mellissa Carone
Anthony Forlini

State Convention 2022


    For the first time ever, the Michigan GOP held the Republican State Convention in April instead of August.  RINO party leader Ron Weiser, finally realized Democrats have had a few month “head start” on campaigning by nominating their candidates sooner, and rightfully made adjustments.  However the results of the convention, may not have been what the party leadership wanted, or expected. 

    Before we start with the final results, and dive into the reason for them, we will cover some basics on the convention processes.  The state convention structure isn’t used widely around the country, Michigan being one of the only states to do so.  Several state wide candidates, including Attorney General and Secretary of State are nominated to the ballot through the state convention, instead of using the August primary election like house and senate candidates.  It all starts with delegates, which are also elected officials.  Citizens can file to be a delegate, putting them on a ballot for election in their district.  If elected as a delegate, they can create and vote on different motions within their local party meetings, including choosing their committee members and actions taken by the party.  Before each election cycle, there are county conventions, where delegates are nominated and elevated to the state convention, being primary or alternates who will vote to nominate the Attorney General and Secretary of State to be on the ballot in November. 

    Now that we have covered the reason, and process behind the state convention, lets cover the results.  The 2020 election has shifted the tide in the republican party, causing many new freedom loving patriots to get involved including running for office.  Matthew Deperno, who ran for Attorney General, was the attorney in Antrim County, who actually discovered that votes for Biden and Trump were flipped, causing Biden to win that county, before it was corrected via Deperno’s discovery.  

    Deperno was not part of the establishment republicans in Lansing, in fact, he has stated that he has sued just about every legislator in Lansing while working as an attorney.  Deperno was completely ignored by the legislators after the 2020 election, when he contacted them to review his findings in Antrim County.  In fact, during Deperno’s campaign, he vowed to uphold the rule of law equally between republicans and democrats, prosecuting anyone who has been involved in the deep corruption here in Michigan.  The establishment did not want Deperno to become Attorney General.  It seemed clear to many, that the establishment in Lansing had their picks for Attorney General, either former legislator Tom Leonard or current legislator Ryan Berman.  

    So how was the establishment defeated?  Matthew Deperno did work hard, campaigning around the state, and received the Trump endorsement.  Meshawn Maddock, has had direct contact with Trump, getting many candidates in touch with the former president for an opportunity to get endorsements.  Had Meshawn finally turned the page to help do something positive for the party, and help a non-establishment statewide candidate elected to office?  No, absolutely not.  Meshawn has only had state house candidates endorsed, perceivably to gather a group of new supportive legislators who will vow to vote for her husband, Matthew Maddock, to become Speaker of the House and allow establishment power to continue to reign.  Meshawn did nothing to help Deperno until Matt finally called President Trump to have a meeting between the three to get on the same page.  Meshawn was only seen with establishment candidate Tom Leonard until Deperno’s call to Trump, and was forced to start showing support for Deperno.  

  So how did Deperno subvert the establishment and gain the Trump endorsement?  Mellissa Carone had actually worked with Deperno, exposing the election fraud of 2020 since shortly after the election.  The two first worked together on Mike Lindell’s documentary Absolute Proof, and spoke at many of the same events around the state thereafter.  Mellissa, being a non-establishment candidate herself, now running for state senate in district 11, saw the importance of Deperno becoming Attorney General.  Carone spoke to her county party about having Deperno come speak at their monthly meeting, and sought their support for him.  The Macomb County party leaders, Mark Fortin and Lisa Mankiewicz agreed to have Deperno come speak, and Deperno did in fact gain support with the county party and it’s members.  Fortin and Mankiewicz worked to gain contact with President Trump, and were able to setup a meeting between Deperno and Trump, where Deperno gained the endorsement of the former President.  With her hand forced, Meshawn finally came out and publicly endorsed Deperno last month.  

    The state convention was still not without it’s surprises from the establishment.  Each candidate must receive 51% of the vote from the delegates to win the nomination, if each candidate receives less that 51%, a second round of voting takes place.  Ryan Berman dropped out of the race after the first wave of voting, throwing his support behind the other establishment candidate Tom Leonard, trying to compile all their votes together to defeat Deperno.  Also, after hundreds of delegates had voted, an “error” with the voting machines was discovered.  The three candidate were listed on the voting machine as candidates A, B and C.  However, after many had voted and left the convention to head home around the state, it was discovered that the names of the candidates were not aligned with the correct selections A, B, and C, as they were instructed to vote.  For example Matthew Deperno was supposed to be A, but his name was listed under B, causing the vote to be incorrect.  The issue was apparently corrected and voting continued, with Deperno finally taking a majority of the vote, and winning the nomination.  

     Kristina Karamo also won nomination, becoming the candidate to appear on the ballot for republican Secretary of State.  Again, no help from Meshawn Maddock or the establishment republicans in Lansing, obtaining the Trump endorsement on her own, through exposing issues with the 2020 election, and a tough campaign statewide.  

     The people have spoken, the grassroots has prevailed, and the establishment is grinding their teeth in despair.  This is why RINO Hunters does the hard work that we do, exposing the corruption in the republican party.  These people stand on stage with the nominated candidates, raising their hand in victory, as they have actually helped, or support the candidates the people want in office, when they have done nothing but provide oppositional support during their campaign.  Vote Deperno and Karamo in November, Meshawn Maddock must go, Ron Weiser must go.