Anthony Forlini


failing our country

Admitted Macomb County does not use signature verification – 2:00


Denies connection with Dominion voting machines – 29:00 (when Dominion whistleblower Melissa Carone asks a question about machine)


Declined to answer the question about whether he would issue a subpoena for election artifacts in Macomb County for a full forensic audit canvas.


Response:  “I’m not going to answer that in the affirmative or the negative.” – 1:05


Would not answer the question of whether or not he believed the election was stolen from Donald Trump


Endorsed by Paul Mitchell (who left the GOP over Donald Trump)


Endorsed by Sterling Heights Mayor Mike Taylor, who supported Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump in the 2020 election – article that shows he voted for Joe Biden


Worked for Trump critic Paul Mitchell as District Director


Dark money in campaign:


  • $1,000 – Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Date – 2010 campaign cycle
  • $2,500 – Blue Cross, Blue Shield. Date:  2012 campaign cycle
  • $2,750 – DTE Energy. Date:  2012 campaign cycle
  • $2,500 – Meijer PAC. Date:  2014 campaign election cycle.  Peter Meijer voted to impeach Trump.


Where to find campaign contributions:  go to the State of Michigan campaign finance network and go to “Contributions Analysis.”  When you type in the candidate’s name, you will see the money David Martin accepts from lobbying groups.,4670,7-127-1633_8723_8751-169289–,00.html


Hired cybersecurity firm that tested out Dominion’s voting machines – Detroit News article states he hired Pro V&V cybersecurity firm to conduct cybersecurity audit of Macomb County’s elections. – link to article about Pro V&V’s involvement in Dominion machine testing. – the same cybersecurity firm did an audit in Georgia and found “no evidence” of election corruption. 


Questions have been raised by reporters about the lack of transparency around the cybersecurity audit


“If they are not auditing all of the machines then why are they auditing anything?  It is also very important that this “forensic audit” be 100% transparent and open to observation by 3rd parties of all the data captured from the machines.


Could Mr. Forlini be calling for this “forensic audit” to take some pressure off himself?”